Determination is the key to success: James Okong’o’s Story

Determination is the key to success: James Okong’o’s Story

Tell us about yourself
I work as a fact-checker with Code for Africa on the PesaCheck platform. For the past two years, I have also been a student at the Aga Khan Graduate School of Media and Communication.

How did you know about the Masters of Arts in Digital Journalism?
In late 2017, I saw adverts on the mainstream newspapers on the MADJ program and I applied.

How was your learning experience?
I have enjoyed my learning experience at GSMC. The lecturers were always available and we had a blend of both scholars and practitioners taking us through the classes, which was quite helpful. The programme is very hands-on and it has made me an all-round journalist and communications professional.

How did you balance your work, studies and family?

The work-study balance was not easy. I had to come up with a work plan where I would spend at least 1-2 hours daily on my classwork. That meant less sleep and sometimes juggling between work-related assignments and school work. The key to succeeding in this programme lies with the students’ determination.

What impact has the program had on your life and career path?
The programme offered me an opportunity to network with media and communications professionals and scholars. I have also learned how to craft an academic paper from scratch.

What advice would you give someone joining to pursue the Masters of Arts in Digital Journalism?
My advice to all the students who want to join the programme is that they won’t be disappointed. It is one of the best study programmes one can find around.

What next for you now?
For now, my focus is on building my career. I also want to pursue a PhD as I work.

By Andrew Arinaitwe