Story-Telling with Impact, May 2015

Story-Telling with Impact, May 2015

“The course was great. It should have gone another week.”

“Mind-opening and lots of wow.”

“Practical, hands-on, relevant. Do not miss this course!”

“I came away a better journalist.”

“An excellent course — crucial for any journalist aiming to be at the A-level, international grade.”

Sharp- Shooting on a Shoe-String: Smartphones and You, May 2015

Sharp-Shooting on a Shoe-String: Smartphones and You, May 2015

“For any journalist wishing to remain relevant in a changing field, this course is a must.”

“Don’t hesitate. Convergence is the way of the future.”

“We hadn’t realized the potential of smart=-phone journalism until we took this course.”

“Opens up new opportunities.”

Oil, minerals and wealth: Reporting on the extractives industry

Oil, Minerals and Wealth: Reporting on the Extractives Industry, May 2015

“An eye-opener.”

“A must-take course for anyone seeking an in-depth knowledge about the oil and mining industries.”

“Come with an urge to learn. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Timely — and key as East Africa moves into an oil and gas future.”

“Highly recommended. Offers a global perspective on the industry — social, political, commercial and environmental.”

“This course addresses a need not catered for elsewhere in Kenya.”