Special Projects: GNV and The Futures Project

Mother Africa is in crisis. Poachers have decimated its once-formidable herds of elephants, lions and rhinos. Rainforests are being burnt into charcoal. Coral reefs are blasted by dynamite fishing.

Giving a voice to the voiceless:

– East Africa’s mega-fauna.

– Its threatened environment.

– Communities feeling the impact.

This is the mission of the Environmental Reporting Programme. Working with local filmmakers and broadcast professionals, GSMC is helping produce quality films on East Africa’s most urgent ecological crises.

Media Innovation and Sustainability Network

The Futures Project is a project undertaken jointly by the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications (AKU GSMC) and the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA). The multiyear initiative features a Network of Regional Partners from which would grow leading-edge training and coaching programmes as well as a world-class, globally prominent Innovation Center.

Primary Mission:

The primary focus of the initiative is to:

  • Bolster the capacity of financially challenged small and medium-sized media outlets
  • Galvanize news innovation in East Africa, not just on creative content but on new and sustainable business models for the future