Thomas R. Lansner

Thomas R. Lansner

Director of Social Accountability Media Initiative

Thomas R. Lansner is the director of the Social Accountability Media Initiative [SAMI] at the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications. He is a former London Observer correspondent and lecturer at Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris.

An experienced journalism and media educator and trainer, Lansner has served as a consultant to numerous CSOs. Lansner lectured on international media and policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs from 1994-2012, and has also taught at New York University and Sciences Po Paris.

Lansner has led many workshops on media advocacy for CSOs in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA for GPSA, Open Society institute, Freedom House, and others. He has served as an election observer and consultant in several countries, including Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa and South Korea, and helped launch election media monitoring efforts in Slovakia. He led seminars on election coverage for Palestinian journalists as part of a UNDPI program at Columbia University [1995-2000], performed election media training in Ghana and Romania.

For ten years until 1990, Lansner was a correspondent, principally in Africa and Asia, for the London Observer, the Guardian, Far Eastern Economic Review, the BBC, and other media outlets. Based from Uganda, India, and then the Philippines, he covered numerous elections, wars and myriad civil conflicts, as well as political, economic and social developments in countries across Africa and the Asia-Pacific.