Marietta Musyoka

Executive Assistant

Marietta Musyoka is an executive assistant at the Graduate School of Media and Communications.

Sanday Ogesa

Administrative Assistant

Sanday is an administrative assistant at AKU Graduate School of Media and Communications.

Karel Prinsloo


Karel Prinsloo is an award winning photographer who has been working mainly in Africa for over twenty years. He has covered for most part conflicts and wars in Africa and the Middle East and has been based in Nairobi for nearly a decade as the Associated Press's Chief photographer for East Africa. Currently he is a freelance photographer shooting for EPA photo agency. as well as working on projects in Africa.

Karel has won numerous awards including the South African Photographer Of The Year as well as the second price news stories of the World Press Photo Awards in 2000 for his coverage of the devastating Mozambique floods. He has been a CNN African Journalist of the year photography runner up.

He has been published in all the world's major publications including the New York Times, Time magazine. Newsweek, Paris Match among a few. Currently he is working on personal projects as well as with NGO's IFAW , GAVI and UNESCO.

Noah Miller

Noah Miller is a communications practitioner with vast experience in social media, government relations

Mark Kaigwa

Mark Kaigwa is an African entrepreneur, author and professional speaker.