James Randerson

James Randerson

Distinguished Visiting Faculty

Dr James Randerson is an award-winning journalist with 15 years’ experience. He has been assistant national news editor at the Guardian, working on both print and digital editions and was previously the paper’s online environment editor and science correspondent.

Before joining The Guardian, he was deputy news editor at New Scientist magazine.  He has lectured on digital journalism at Cardiff University, City University and Imperial College London and has given a series of Guardian masterclasses on how to be a science/environment/health journalist.

In 2015, James led The Guardian’s Keep It in the Ground climate change project, which has won several awards, including campaign of the year at the British Journalism Awards, a One World Media Award, a Green Ribbon Political Award and a Webby. He now works as a freelance reporter, editor, columnist and journalism trainer.

James’s books include Science and Environmental Journalism: a 60 minute masterclass and The Origin of Darwinism: Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species; and Cyclebabble: Bloggers on Biking. He has a PhD in Evolutionary Genetics.