Understanding your Leadership Style

Self-awareness is the first pillar of effective leadership. Does your leadership style focus on results or relationships? Do you lead with charisma, or quiet steadiness? Are you a visionary, or are you most concerned with quality? Do you lead with stories or analysis? There’s no wrong or right style, but the best leaders are aware of their tendencies, and how those tendencies impact those around them. This workshop will teach you about various leadership styles, and reveal how you can have a deeper, more positive impact on those around you.


  • The strengths and weaknesses of various leadership styles.
  • The connection between your leadership style and your communication style.
    • How your leadership style impacts how you approach tasks and goals.
    • How your leadership style affects how you deal with difficult conversations.
    • How your leadership style shapes how you motivate colleagues.
    • How your leadership style how you handle conflict.


  • Anyone seeking to better understand their strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Anyone leading (or creating) teams—especially if those teams include colleagues with a variety of personalities.
  • Those seeking to learn how to more effectively approach difficult conversations.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to motivate team members.

Key Details

Date: June 29, 2019

Cost: KES 25,000/=

Faculty: Stephen Buckley

Certification: Executive Certificate in Effective Leadership Communication. This course is Mandatory for this certification