The Leader as a Coach

Gone are the days of command-and-control leadership. Your direct reports now expect you to lead by teaching them, not by simply telling them what to do. They expect honesty, support and the chance to be stretched in ways that prepare them for fresh opportunities. They expect you to be a great coach. Coaching isn’t magic; it’s a collection of habits and skills. Among other things, it calls for perceptive questions, consistent and candid feedback, and the ability to guide your direct reports in a way that allows them to discover the best of their professional selves. It’s no coincidence that the best coaches foster deep and lasting loyalty from both their peers and their direct reports. You too can be on your way to forming those kinds of relationships as you employ trust-building and skills-building to ignite in your direct reports sustained excellence.

This workshop will be led by Martin Oduor Otieno.

Martin is a former CEO and longtime leadership consultant and coach, who has worked with scores of emerging leaders from a variety of organizations. Mr. Otieno is a former longtime top executive of Kenya Commercial Bank, a tenure that culminated in his serving as Chief Executive Office for six years. A former Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Finance and Planning, Mr. Otieno also has served as a director on the boards of Deloitte East Africa, East African Breweries, Ltd., and British American Tobacco Kenya.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use an array of specific coaching competencies (including active listening, acting ethically and building trust).
  • How to use coaching in more structured and intention ways in your current role.
  • How coaching differs from mentoring and counseling.
  • How to coach difficult personalities.
  • How to coach different leadership styles.
  • How to use self-awareness assessments as a coaching tool.

Key Details

Date: TBD