The Business Model Canvas

Organizations of the future are looking at higher levels of flexibility and adaptation in their products and services, to better serve rapidly changing markets. This means that an organization needs to be constantly evolving to meet user needs. An organization may use the Business Model Canvas to better understand how they create, deliver and capture value today and using this one-page snapshot of your business, create ideas for the future.

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) gives you the structure of a business plan without the improvisation of a “back of the napkin” sketch without the fuzziness, (and coffee stains). The BMC is useful for intrapreneurs (those making change within an organization) and entrepreneurs for business model innovation.

The BMC helps to create clarity and focus on what is driving the business. In a snapshot, teams can see what is the core of the business, who and what is needed to deliver the value of the business as well as assess what non-core activities are needed, partners, as well as the
relationships needed to succeed.

What you’ll learn:

  • To create a flexible business plan
  • An easy understanding of the tool to use with your team
  • Understand the value of your organization and how you are delivering it to your customers
  • Get an overview of who and what is needed to support your business to succeed.

What to expect:

All AKU-GSMC courses feature experienced communications professionals whose highly interactive training includes group discussion, case studies, and role-play and other exercises

Key Details

Date: TBD

Certification: Executive Certificate in Innovation. This course is Mandatory for this certification