Storytelling for Your Business (Profit & Non-Profits)

Every successful enterprise employs effective storytelling. Internally, they use it for team building and vision-casting, and externally, they use it for brand-making and for attracting customers and donors. Learn how to use truthful, vivid, creative storytelling to draw raving fans to your enterprise.

What you will learn:

  • What’s the Business Voice (Who tells the story)
  • Why is the story being told?
  • Where does the story take place or when?
  • Who is the audience (people in the story)
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • Which challenges do they face?

Who should apply:

  • Anyone who wants to gain insight on how to begin positioning their brand online.
  • Anyone who is already in a marketing capacity but is keen to understand “Why Digital”
  • People who want to know how to deal with a crisis that has become an online conversation.

Key Details

Date: TBA