Social Media Workshop

Date: 6 – 7 November 2018

Cost: 20,000 KES

Everyone has leaped into social media these days. We’re posting; we’re commenting; we’re sharing. We know we need to be actively engaged with social media, but do we know why? What are our social media goals, and how are we going to reach them? And once we reach those goals, then what?

Those are some of the questions this practical, two-day workshop will answer.  By the end of the seminar, you will know what kind of content resonates with your audiences; how to listen to those audiences; how to react to criticism on social media; and how to invest in the right social media networks for your organization.

The workshop will be led by Noah Miller, a veteran public relations strategist who has worked for Bell Pottinger as well as Deloitte.  During the 2017 elections, he did extensive social media monitoring for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), and he has helped to organize Nairobi’s Social Media Week.  He has led crisis communications and social media workshops all over Africa and Asia.

  • how to craft an effective social media strategy.
  • how to choose the right social media networks for your organisation.
  • how to listen to your audiences.
  • how to establish an authentic social media voice.
  • how to post content that resonates with your social media audiences.
  • how to react effectively to criticism on social media.
  • how to know which analytics to measure.
  • how to establish thought leadership via social media.

The workshop is for anyone who is in charge of social media for their corporation, non-profit or NGO, or anyone who is seeking to learn more about how to use social media more effectively for professional purposes.

All of our workshops are highly interactive. We use discussions, presentations, cases, and role play to ensure that we address a range of learning styles. In addition, the trainings are very practical, so that you will be able to immediately implement your learnings when you plunge back into the real world.


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