Podcasting for Beginners

Podcasts have become a powerful vehicle for storytelling, spotlighting urgent issues and challenging conventional thinking. The best podcasts, of course, do all three.

This affordable, three-day workshop peels back the secrets of creating a successful podcast. (Hint: It’s harder than it sounds.) Featuring veteran podcasters, this intensive, hands-on experience will allow participants to explore every facet of podcasting, including audience development, creative content and business models. Participants also will create their very own show during the workshop. Everyone will walk away with an up-close and personal sense of what it takes to make a podcast that’s both fun to produce and attracts a loyal audience.

Who Should Attend

  • Professional communicators (corporate and nonprofit) interested in finding creative ways to build their brands.
  • Journalists interested in improving their storytelling skills.
  • Anyone eager to find a format to share their passion about a particular issue.

What you can expect

All of our workshops are highly interactive. We use discussions, presentations, cases, and role play to ensure that we address a range of learning styles. In addition, the trainings are very practical, so that you will be able to immediately implement your learnings when you plunge back into the real world.

Key Details