Leadership Inside and Out

Today’s marketplace is a constantly changing environment that requires organizations to adapt and change based on current needs. Leaders across all sectors are faced with pressures to innovate, adapt, and drive change to ensure their organizations remain competitive and relevant.

In this six-hour course we will explore the notion of leadership and how you can lead your organization to progress. We will learn the difference between authority and leadership and how both are important for change. We will also review how you as a leader make important decisions that you are faced with.

This course is relevant for managers or aspiring managers of all kinds – whether you work for the public, private or non-profit sectors. We are especially interested in those who have used innovation and creativity to try to exert leadership. The course will be led by Imran Alimohammed, AKU-GSMC Lecturer who teaches Transforming Leadership for Africa, and a former CEO for Aviation Services East Africa, an East African based aviation company.

What You Will Learn:

  • What it means to be a leader
  • The importance of authority and how it is different from leadership
  • How you as a leader approach change
  • How you as a leader decide how to make important decisions for your organization

Key Details

Date: TBD