Essentials for Digital Storytelling

Essentials of Digital Storytelling—Telling stories digitally is easier and less scary than you think. Hint: It’s not about the technology. This course will demystify digital storytelling, and will leave you with an a deep understanding of how to use characters, scenes, video, photos, audio and animation to tell your organization’s stories in powerful ways. You’ll also walk away with the ability to take advantage of easy-to-use tools that will you can immediately use to tell stories for your audiences.

Digital Storytelling for Beginners

  • How to plan a story
  • How to use any kind of camera to shoot a digital story
  • How to video edit a story
  • How to post a story on a platform and create a buzz around it

This course is for all would be video bloggers, sport news journalists, public relations professionals, budding advertisers.

Key Details

Date: TBD