Engaging the Media

However, much of the work that civil society organizations do does not make it to the front-page news, neither do they lead the news bulletins on radio and television stations. Rarely do we also see civil society representation in panel discussions that articulate social issues. The course provides an opportunity to engage with media practitioners as well as listen to real experiences of civil society actors who have  been able to get their voices heard in media. Participants will master the media landscape in the region, news values and journalist psychology and learn innovative ways of engaging the media and audiences. Time will be dedicated to help participants refine their spokesperson skills through media interviews in videotaped role-plays and simulated interviews with expert feedback and coaching.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate clearly through the landscape of media, journalists and news
  • Make strong news judgements to secure prominent coverage
  • Pitch stories effectively to journalists
  • Engage the media proactively
  • Prepare and coach spokespeople for encounters with journalists
  • Give strong confident media interviews
  • Plan and manage professional press conferences
  • Use social media platforms to deliver key messages

Lead Instructor

Nancy Booker, PhD has had an illustrious career as an academic, teacher, researcher and media practitioner with over 18 years teaching and academic administration experience. Dr Booker specializes in broadcast journalism, multimedia storytelling, media management and health communication. She has also been trained in leadership at Harvard. Dr Booker has several peer-reviewed publications in these areas and appears and comments regularly on Kenya media. She is actively engaged with several media organizations to strengthen and professionalize media in East Africa and is a member of several professional and academic organizations. Dr Booker currently serves as a board member in the East African Communication Association.



Dates Intake Country
16-18 1st Intake Kenya
18-20 2nd Intake Kenya
23-25 3rd Intake Kenya
25-27 4th Intake Kenya
14-16 5th Intake Uganda
16-18 6th Intake Uganda
21-23 7th Intake Uganda
23-25 8th Intake Uganda
4-6 9th Intake Tanzania
6-8 10th Intake Tanzania
11-13 11th Intake Tanzania
13-15 12th Intake Tanzania (Arusha)
25-27 13th Intake Rwanda

Who Should Attend?

Participants will be drawn from non- governmental organizations, advocacy groups, service delivery organizations, community-based organizations, youth-led groups, faith-based organizations and charitable organizations.

Key Details

Dates:16-20 September (1st intake) & 23-27 September (2nd Intake) – Kenya 14-18 October (1st intake) & 21-25 October (2nd intake) – Uganda 4-8 November (1st Intake) & 11-15 November (2nd Intake) – Tanzania 27 – 29 November – Rwanda.