Communicating for Influence

The essence of leadership is influence. Some people are naturally good at this. By dint of personality and aptitudes their words and example captivate and motivate those within their sphere of influence. But influence isn’t just for those with charisma; it’s a skill that anyone who exercises leadership can develop. In this hands-on one-day workshop, participants will learn what it takes to increase their influence on those around them – especially but not only their colleagues. We will look at examples of well-known influencers throughout history, analyzing how they left their mark on their societies and organizations. More important, we’ll also dissect the specific strengths and habits you can cultivate over time to grow your own ability to sway your circles.

You’ll examine your current level of influence and see where and how to build new muscles; you’ll look at barriers that keep you from being more influential; and analyze how you can inspire and motivate colleagues and others through both the spoken and written word.

This workshop is led by Mike Eldon, the chairman of management consultancy The DEPOT (The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow). He is an executive coach and conducts workshops and retreats on topics such as culture strengthening, strategy development and performance management. A former IT executive, Mr. Eldon was the founding chairman of the Kenya ICT Federation and is deeply involved in numerous organizations, including the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, where he is a founding governor, a former vicechairman and currently a member of its Advisory Council. He is the chairman of the Council of KCA University, a non-executive director of Davis & Shirtliff, Occidental Insurance, and the African Institute for Development Policy. For over eleven years he has been a columnist for Business Daily, and he appears on the NTV am live morning talk show. Mike is known for his engaging teaching style, marked by his sense of humor, real-life examples and gentle candor.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to influence peers, supervisors and direct reports (360-degree influence), plus external stakeholders.
  • Become more aware of your own communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to prepare presentations that are clear and compelling.
  • How to write influential memos, emails and reports.
  • How to overcome barriers to influence.

Key Details

Date: TBD