Communicating for Change

We live in an era of relentless change. That’s no mystery. What’s far more challenging is figuring out how, as leaders, we can most effectively get our colleagues to accept and even embrace dramatic organizational change.This highly practical course dismantles the various myths about how to persuade people to change and lays out a proven process that emphasizes the importance of tackling the emotions that often paralyze our colleagues – fear, confusion, cynicism, and self-doubt.

Based on the work of Harvard scholar John Kotter, participants will understand how to create a sense of urgency around the organizational transitions they want to make. They also will learn how to bring about change using the power of clear communication, courageous decision making, candid feedback and a compelling vision of the future.

The course will be led by Stephen Buckley and Mercy Odongo.

Stephen was a former journalist with The Washington Post and is the current Director of Professional Development at GSMC. During his three decades in and around the media as an international correspondent, managing editor, digital publisher and dean of a journalism school, Buckley got a front-row view of an industry undergoing monumental change. For most of the last decade, Buckley has taught communication and leadership workshops to media and corporate leaders in Africa, United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Mercy has over 10 years of illustrious diplomatic service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of the Republic of Kenya. She brings rich experience in diplomacy, intergovernmental relations and multilateral policy development. She is ahead of the curve in strategic visioning, exercising adaptive leadership, building partnerships, and getting things done in a development context. Mercy is also an alumus of the Harvard Kennedy School of Goverment.

What You Will Learn:

  • The most common reasons why colleagues resist organizational change.
  • How to create a sense of urgency around organizational change.
  • How to address the fears and worries of colleagues.
  • How to provide clear and honest information.
  • How to deal with colleagues who refuse to change.
  • How to articulate a clear vision of the future.

Participants who register and attend four or more courses are eligible for an Executive Certificate in Effective Leadership Communication

Key Details

Course Dates: March 29, 2019 and June 29, 2019
Cost: KSh 25,000
Faculty: Stephen Buckley & Mercy Adongo