Coaching for Success: Essential Skills for Emerging Leaders

Date: TBA

Cost: KSh 20,000

Gone are the days of command-and-control leadership. Your direct reports now expect you to lead by teaching them, not by simply telling them what to do. They expect honesty, support and the chance to be stretched in ways that prepare them for fresh opportunities. They expect you to be a great coach.

Coaching isn’t magic; it’s a collection of habits and skills. Among other things, it calls for perceptive questions, consistent and candid feedback, and the ability to guide your direct reports in a way that allows them to discover the best of their professional selves.

It’s no coincidence that the best coaches foster deep and lasting loyalty from both their peers and their direct reports. You too can be on your way to forming those kinds of relationships as you employ trust-building and skills-building to ignite in your direct reports sustained excellence.

Coaching skills are particularly effective if you find yourself leading young professionals (Millennials and members of Generation Y), who expect a collaborative relationship with their managers and are eager to work with leaders who give them the kind of guidance and autonomy that moves them ahead quickly.

The one-day course will be taught by Stephen Buckley, a former Washington Post foreign correspondent, who has been a managing editor and digital publisher at one of America’s  largest regional newspapers.  For much of the last decade, Stephen has taught leadership and communication skills in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.

  • How to ask great coaching questions—and listen to the answers.
  • How to motivate – not manipulate – your direct reports.
  • How to discover your leadership style.
  • How to set priorities.
  • How to set clear expectations.
  • How to offer feedback that’s clear, concise and constructive.
  • How to coach through change.
  • How to have difficult conversations.

All AKU-GSMC courses are taught by experienced professionals, who use highly interactive methods such as group discussion, real-life examples, role play and exercises to engage participants. In this course, each participant will receive a 30-minute coaching session.

This course is for leaders who have recently taken on their supervisory roles. No matter the setting – corporate, non-profit or public sector – this workshop will offer relevant knowledge and skills for you. We would particularly welcome new leaders whose direct reports include young professionals.

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Stephen Buckley
Associate Dean, Executive and Professional Education