Aga Khan University premieres season 4 of Giving Nature A Voice

Aga Khan University premieres season 4 of Giving Nature A Voice

(L to R) Jim Justus Nyamu, Executive Director, Elephant Neighbours Centre, Margaret Wacera, Producer, Saving Sitatunga and Andrew Tkach, Director of Environmental Reporting Program, Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communictions at the Season 4 documentary screening of Giving Nature a Voice.

The Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) premiered season four of Giving Nature a Voice (GNV), an award-winning environmental reporting program on February 8th, 2019. The program has been working with local African filmmakers to research and produce compelling in-depth reports on Africa’s most urgent environmental crises.

The event screened two films, Ivory belongs to Elephants, which highlights one man’s epic walk from Kenya to Malawi to raise awareness of the elephants’ battle to survive; and Saving Sitatunga which highlights the Nandi community’s struggle to protect a rare aquatic antelope – ‘Wild Sitatunga’. Season four explores a wide range of topics, from portraying efforts to save a rare semi-aquatic antelope – to featuring the rarest top predator in Kenya and – the most trafficked animal in the world. The season will also focus on the relationship between humans and crocodiles, food waste and the rush to save Africa’s biggest park.

Andrew Tkach, who is the Director, Environmental Reporting Program at GSMC and the Executive Producer of Giving Nature a Voice said “after having done 36 previous films, season four will highlight some of the rarer species found in Kenya, Uganda and Congo that need protection and will focus on how communities can conserve them.” Mr. Tkach’s desire is to see communities and people embrace environmental conservation in a sustainable manner. “People are realizing that the environment is a precious resource and there is value in protecting it. We as filmmakers have stepped in to support the conservation efforts in order to preserve our planet”, said Tkach.

GNV documentaries have positively influenced local and national policy. A film on Lake Tanganyika led to the passing of legislation in Burundi’s parliament, while other films have received awards and recognition locally and internationally.

Giving Nature a Voice is in support of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of protecting the environment and the sustainability of natural resources, which is a crucial enabling factor in ensuring the health of our planet.

Watch Giving Nature a Voice Season 4 every Sunday starting February 10, 2019 on NTV Kenya from 6:30pm.

The keynote speakers were Margaret Wacera (Producer, Saving Sitatunga), Joel Kanda (Sitatunga Specialist, KWS), Edwin Ng’etich, (Conservationist, Kingwal Conservancy), Hillar Simatei, (Farmer, Nandi County), Jackie Lebo (Producer, Ivory belongs to Elephants), Jim Justus Nyamu (Executive Director, Elephant Neighbours Centre), Dr. Shadrack Ngene (Head Elephant Scientist, KWS) and Dr. Winnie Kiiru (Founder, Conservation Kenya).