Aga Khan University launches Executive Education Programme

Aga Khan University launches Executive Education Programme

The Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) has launched a cutting-edge Executive Education Programme  aimed at current and emerging leaders who have a passion for strengthening their leadership communication acumen.

The programme, which begins in October 2018, will give leaders competitive advantage by building new skills and offering  valuable insights into how to lead and communicate within complex and rapidly changing environments.

The year-long programme will offer six courses, with an option of pursuing one or more courses, dependent on the skills one wants to build. The courses are Leadership Inside and Out; Communicating Vision and Strategy; Communicating for Influence; The Leader as a Coach; Communicating for Change and Authentic Leadership for Women. The programme will be hosted in Nairobi and will be taught by award-winning communications experts and distinguished executives, who will combine their deep experience and knowledge with highly interactive teaching.

Most executive education programmes currently offered in the region focus on traditional leadership despite the rapidly evolving nature of leadership and management and the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the world. GSMC’s Executive Education Programme will incorporate blend new leadership techniques with communication, and will offer practical training in the school’s state-of-the-art radio and television studios. By focusing on East African issues and drawing on local and global trends, leaders will gain a deep understanding of how to communicate for impact, influence and inspiration.

Prof. Rhonda Breit, Associate Dean, GSMC says the programme is unique in that it offers a unique learning experience that will change the way leaders think about leadership and communication. “Our executive education programme offers emerging leaders a unique opportunity to hone two of the most important skills needed for sustained success. The first  is how to adapt your approach to leadership to ensure your firm continues to prosper in times of relentless change. The second, equally important skillset, relates to motivating others to get behind you and progress projects and organizational change.”

To qualify for the programme, one needs to be a current or emerging leader, with a passion for sharpening their leadership and communication acumen.

Each participant who successfully completes one course will receive a certificate of completion. Participants who complete at least four or more courses will receive an Executive Certificate in Effective Leadership Communication.

Applicants wishing to enrol can apply by logging on to