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Our world is rapidly changing. Communication is at our fingertips. New technology is integrated into daily life like never before and East Africa is at the centre of this dynamic revolution.

At the Aga Khan Graduate School of Media and Communications (AKU-GSMC), we understand this new media landscape. We have designed programs to equip our students with the best in cutting-edge technology and practice.

Courses at AKU-GSMC are flexible and dynamic. They will benefit people at every stage of their career. We have an incredible faculty, highly experienced teachers from around the world – true stars of a media galaxy.

Africa’s future depends on continual professional education. If you graduate from AKU-GSMC you will become a media professional, a professional prepared for the future. You will be primed to take on the continent’s challenges, building the foundations for an informed society, quality journalism and a thriving media.

Whether you write for a newspaper, anchor the TV News or start a new media venture, you will join a media elite head and shoulders above the competition.

We call it the AKU advantage.

michael meyer welcome

michael meyer welcome