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Handling a Communications Crisis: Plan, Prepare, Execute

Date:                     October 11, 2016 Price:                    $600 Limit:                    10 Facilitator:          

Reporting for Accuracy in the Digital Age

Technology may evolve, and the tools may change, but

Reporting Across Platforms

Learn to write across platforms with use of photos,

Photojournalism that Makes a Difference

Photos move faster than ever, and can have worldwide

Basics of Specialised Reporting

Specialised reporting still forms the bedrock of great journalism.

Multi-Platform Journalism

The reality today is that all journalism is multi-media

Advanced TV Skills

In a hypercompetitive, ever-evolving world of television news, good

Storytelling Skills for TV

The Digital Age of television news puts a premium

Sharpening Your TV Skills

Covering television news has never been more demanding –

The Art of the Interview

The Interview is arguably the most efficient and effective

Advanced Sub-editing & News Editing Skills

In the rapidly changing media world, exceptional news editing

Story-telling with impact: News that drives the news

Great reporting stands out in a class of its

Sharp-shooting on a shoestring: Making news with a smartphone

The explosive growth of smartphones is altering the way

Oil, minerals and wealth: Reporting on the extractives industry

For decades, Africa’s growth has been driven by oil