Reporting for Accuracy in the Digital Age


Technology may evolve, and the tools may change, but one thing remains the same: Re-porting is still the most important skill in a journalist’s arsenal.
Knitting together facts, and context in ways that produce accurate, fair stories is still the best way to win the respect and loyalty of your audience in the Digital Age.

Join Stephen Buckley in this two-day course that teaches journalists how to sift through, and make sense of, an unrelenting torrent of information – information they gather through documents, sources, on-the-spot interviews, and observation.

Most important, the course focuses on ensuring that journalists get their facts right. Whether they are updating a story for their web site, reporting a breaking news story, or working on an in-depth feature, they will learn skills that make their writing vivid, authoritative, and unassailable.

Stephen Buckley has over 25 years experience in the media. He is the former Washington Post Africa Bureau Chief and Managing Editor of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, US.

  • How to improve your note-taking and fact-checking on a deadline
  • Developing of a range of sources, using quotes fairly and accurately
  • The effective use of numbers and statistics
  • How to use context to improve accuracy and avoid biased language
  • The use all five senses to capture powerful details
  • To learn from top-notch journalists, both in East
  • Africa and from around the world
  • State of the art facilities and equipment

This course is relevant to newspaper reporters, magazine journalists, and free lancers.

Whether you write short stories for a web site, daily stories for a newspaper, or long-form stories for a magazine, you will learn reporting skills that apply to your work.


Stephen Buckley
Professional Development


Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications, 9 West, 7th Floor, Mkungu Cl, Nairobi, Kenya
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