Multi-Platform Journalism


The reality today is that all journalism is multi-media journalism. As a television journalist your ability to report and write for a host of equally important but distinct audiences – on TV, the web, mobile, and social media has never been more important.

In this two-day course run by award winning BBC producer Tira Shubart, participants learn how to turn a broadcast story into a digital story, the use of a variety of digital tools in reporting and research, how to generate and verify content created by their users.

Join us and gain a deep understanding of how to connect with viewers and users across various digital platforms.

Tira Shubart is an award winning BBC Producer and a veteran trainer with more than 15 years experience in Africa working with clients such as Al Jazeera, the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association and Frontline News.

  • The elements of strong digital stories and how to turn broadcast stories into digital stories
  • Practical tips for using Twitter for research and reporting
  • The use of digital video tools such as YouTube
  • The power of using Facebook for story ideas and sourcing
  • How to strengthen your sourcing and verification including user generated content verification
  • The art of drawing out excellent content from your users
  • This course features exercises, examples of outstanding multimedia journalism, and lots of hands-on work
  • To produce at least one multimedia story using state of the art camera kits, audio and editing gear
  • You will learn by seeing, by hearing, and by doing

This course is for television journalists that want to put together great stories across platforms.

It is for mainstream journalists, freelancers, and other video journalists seeking to connect with a variety of audiences.

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2 Days


Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications, 9 West, 7th Floor, Mkungu Cl, Nairobi, Kenya
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