MANAGING THE MEDIA: Handling interviews and press conferences effectively

Date:                    November 15 and 16, 2016

Price:                    $750

Limit:                   10 participants

Facilitator:          Nancy Achieng’ Booker and Stephen Buckley

If you work for a corporation, you know that handling the news media poorly can lead to bad publicity, a crippled brand, and public misperceptions about your work and what you stand for. But managing the media effectively can garner publicity that’s both timely and positive, and can catapult your brand from anonymity to a distinct, popular position in the marketplace.

This two-day course focuses on how to handle media interviews – the most basic and most important interaction you’ll have with the media. Interviews are the bedrock of news reporting, and thus it’s important to handle them with poise and skill.

The workshop will teach you how to prepare for different types of interviews – on-the-spot interviews, breaking news interviews, and in-depth interviews. We’ll also teach you how to organize and conduct yourself at a news conference, and how to make sure that what you’ve said is portrayed accurately in this age of lightning-quick digital news.

This will be an intense, hands-on course, during which participants will perform in front of a camera and receive in-depth, on-the-spot critiques of their performance.

The course will be led by veteran Kenyan broadcast journalist Nancy Booker, chair of Multimedia University’s Communication Dept., and Stephen Buckley, former Africa Bureau Chief for The Washington Post.

Nancy Achieng’ Booker is a veteran teacher and journalist who has worked for the Nation Media Group and KBC and is a regular panelist on KTN’s Newsroom show. She has extensive experience has a programs producer and has taught journalism at Daystar University and Multimedia University for the last 14 years.

Buckley, has been a foreign correspondent, national reporter, managing editor, and a digital publisher. He also served as the dean of The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a world-renowned school that taught communications skills to journalists, media news leaders, non-profits, and corporate executives.

In this full-day session, participants will understand the dynamics of print, radio and television interviews and will learn how to prepare and perform effectively for all of them. Participants will learn:

  1. How to do interviews that strengthen your brand.
  2. Overcoming common challenges and pitfalls.
  3. How to prepare for interviews – print, television, and radio.
  4. How to handle the confrontational interview.
  5. How to follow up with interviewers to ensure accuracy.
  6. How to handle on-the-spot questions from journalists.
  7. How to prepare for – and perform well during — news conferences.
  8. How to extend the conversation with your audience once you’ve done the interview.

This course is for corporate executives and corporate communications officers who must navigate the media in order to tell your story well.

This course will feature highly interactive classroom teaching that will include lots of role-play and case studies. Most important, participants will practice in front of a camera and then receive on-the-spot coaching.


Nancy Booker
Stephen Buckley
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Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications, 9 West, 7th Floor, Mkungu Cl, Nairobi, Kenya
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