Managing the Media

Date: 22 – 23 November 2018

Cost: KSh 30,000

Managing media effectively can garner timely and positive publicity that can catapult your brand from anonymity to a distinct, popular position in the marketplace. But mishandling media relations can lead to poor publicity, a crippled brand, and public misperceptions about your work and what you stand for.

This two-day course focuses on how to handle media interviews—the most basic and most important interaction you’ll have with media. Interviews are the bedrock of news reporting, and thus it’s important to handle them with poise and skill.

This is an intense, hands-on course, during which participants perform in front of the camera and receive in-depth, on-the-spot critiques of their performance.

The workshop will build your skills to prepare for different types of interviews—“doorstep” interviews, breaking news interviews, and in-depth interviews. You will also learn how to organize and conduct yourself at a press conference, and, importantly, how to make sure that what you say is portrayed accurately in this age of lightning-quick digital news.

The course will be led by Professor Thomas R Lansner, a member of GSMC’s distinguished visiting faculty and director of its Social Accountability Media Initiative [SAMI]. He is a former London Observer correspondent in Africa and Asia, and a long-time graduate program lecturer at Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris.

During this two-day course, participants will learn dynamics of print, radio and television interviews and acquire skills to prepare and perform effectively for each.

Participants will learn how to:

  • offer interviews that strengthen your brand;
  • prepare for interviews—print, television, radio, and online;
  • formulate your message—and resolutely stay on message;
  • remain poised and confident under pressure;
  • handle the confrontational interview;
  • follow up with interviewers to ensure accuracy;
  • handle on-the-spot questions from journalists;
  • prepare for – and perform well during—news conferences; and use social media to extend the impact of the interview.

This course features highly interactive classroom engagement that includes ample role play and relevant case studies. Most important, participants will practice on-camera and receive feedback and on-the-spot coaching.

This course is for corporate executives and corporate communications officers who need to navigate today’s complex media landscape with the assurance required to produce positive coverage.

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Managing the Media Build your skills to prepare for media interviews. Date: 28 – 29 June 2018

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