Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation

The AKU Graduate School of Media and Communications embraces this moral imperative. To imbed it at the highest levels of the media industry, we are developing an Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation aimed at improving governance and enriching the management expertise of media owners, senior executive leaders and media entrepreneurs across Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

The GSMC Executive Masters is designed to address the specific management and business needs of the media and communications industries operating in the complex context of developing economies. Focusing on local issues but addressing global trends, the Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation offers flexibility for executives to work on real projects that can enhance their competitiveness in the dynamic digital world of globalized media commerce.

Classes are taught by leading national and international media and communications executives and scholars. The program culminates in a capstone project in which students will develop a detailed business plan ready to be pitched to investors or the boards and senior management of their organizations.

Built around the pillars of executive leadership, management of media enterprises and entrepreneurship, the program positions AKU GSMC as a Centre of Excellence and East Africa’s foremost comprehensive media and communications graduate educational institution.

The Executive Masters curriculum places special emphasis on developing students’ capacities in key areas:

In the digital era, tensions between creativity and business imperatives are at the fore. The Executive Masters will help media leaders and innovators to develop the skills and knowledge to balance the demands of fostering creativity while leveraging new business opportunities, even as they work to sustain or improve the profitability of legacy enterprises.

In an era of rapid change, successful leaders must anticipate emerging opportunities and challenges. Our students acquire a deep understanding of all aspects of the media and content industries. They examine the changing media landscape of East Africa, and beyond, and develop the capacity to analyze trends, imagine the future of the industry and take action that puts them at the forefront of innovation. For many organizations, this ability will be the difference between surviving (or not) and thriving in our increasingly digital era.

Technology has revolutionized the media business in Africa. As more and more people gain access to the internet, and with mobile continuing its extraordinary growth, the most profound changes – and the biggest challenges to existing business models – are yet to come. The Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation prepares students to launch new digital enterprises and to lead digital innovation within existing organizations. Technology requirements, prototyping, working with designers and developers, networking, attracting startup funding, monetizing content, different approaches to content generation, recruiting and human resources challenges — all these and many more crucial subjects are tackled. In their final semester, students will develop a pitch-ready business plan with the help of expert guidance.

Thriving media organizations have one thing in common: they have earned the trust of their users and audiences. Students will deepen their understanding of media and communications law, regulation and ethics in Africa and the developing world. They will analyze regional practices and trends in a global context and in the light of fundamental principles. By reviewing the historic role and contemporary function of the media around the globe, and by engaging with detailed case studies that put them in the shoes of decision-makers who have faced complex ethical questions, they will sharpen their ability to evaluate real-world problems of ethics, power and responsibility.

The Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation will equip today’s media leaders for tomorrow. They will set the pace for change and evolution within existing organizations. And they will build the hot new companies of the future. In many respects, they will be the very human face of the new.

We call it the Aga Khan Advantage.

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