Creating Radio and Television Dramas for Change

Date:                    March 20 and 21, 2018

Price:                    $500

Limit:                   10 participants

Facilitator:          Tira Shubart

TV and radio dramas are powerful vehicles to effect change. Whether the issue is girls’ education, food security or sexual health, these programs have increasingly become go-to tools that can encourage audiences to embrace new, progressive ways of thinking.

Radio and TV are the primary sources of entertainment and information for East Africans. It only makes sense then for NGOs, educators and others to take advantage of these seemingly ubiquitous media to produce shows that both entertain and inform – in the interest of social change. Studies have shown that these dramas are particularly effective in addressing society’s most sensitive issues.

This two-day course will show participants how to create dramas that present true-to-life issues with a gentle but bracing realism that will grab the attention of listeners and viewers. Peppered with sharp dialogue, humor and subtle but clear messages, these dramas can transform both attitudes and behavior.



The workshop will be led by Tira Shubart, an award-winning journalist with decades of experience working in East Africa. She has covered stories in 50 countries and delivered extensive media training in Kenya, Tanzania, Somaliland and worldwide.

Tira has produced and written scripts throughout her career, including a seven-part comedy-drama series for BBC Television, “Taking the Flak,” shot in Kenya and Tanzania, and broadcast in the UK and sold worldwide. Tira has consulted on radio dramas in East Africa and works with Kenyan actors on media projects.

What You’ll Learn:

Sessions during the two-day workshop will cover subjects such as:

  • How to use entertainment-education models for messages of behavioural change
  • How to fit into the cultural & social context of your audience
  • How to encourage dialogue with peers and family
  • How to create morally coherent story lines
  • How to create realistic characters
  • How to cast, rehearse and direct actors



This course is for professional communicators, advocates, actors, producers, educators, government officials and non-governmental organizations – essentially anyone eager to learn how to more effectively create social change.

All of GSMC’s trainings are led by experienced professionals whose teaching is highly interactive and features group discussions, case studies, role play and hands-on exercises.


Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications, 9 West, 7th Floor, Mkungu Cl, Nairobi, Kenya
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