Creating Radio and Television Dramas for Change

Date:                    March 20 and 21, 2018 Price:                    $500 Limit:                   10 participants Facilitator:          Tira Shubart TV and radio dramas are powerful vehicles to effect change. Whether the issue is girls’ education, food security or sexual health, these programs have increasingly become go-to […]

Master of Arts in Digital Journalism

Our MA in Digital Journalism combines real-life practice with academic rigor to position young and mid-career journalists as leaders in their field. You will develop the knowledge, skills and professional qualities for success at the highest levels of your craft. You will also work with world-renowned journalists and scholars as you blend practice, reflection and theory in your coursework.

The program is taught in state-of-the-art facilities and progressively builds expertise in multiplatform storytelling, specialist reporting and editorial leadership. The culmination of the program will be a specialist-reporting project and research thesis.

By focusing on regional issues and drawing on local and global trends, our graduates will possess the creativity, critical thinking and professional skills required to lead East Africa’s media in the 21st century.

Generous scholarships available based on need and merit.

Tuition: 20,000 USD

Young and mid-career journalists and
media professionals


A number of scholarships are available each year

Novel Writing Workshop

Date:                     Saturday, July 1, 2017 Price:                    KShs 10,000 Limit:                    20 Participants Facilitator:           Dr. Peter Kimani So you want to be a NOVELIST? We can help, whether you’re just embarking on the great adventure of writing or are halfway through. Enjoy a day of inspiration, learning [...]

Transforming Leadership for 21st Century Africa

Transforming Leadership for 21st Century Africa is an exciting new suite of courses designed to equip you with the skills, mindset and communication expertise to better lead your organization – and Africa itself – in our increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

Hosted by the AKU-GSMC in Kenya, this unique offering brings together two world-class courses: Adaptive Leadership for Africa: Chaos, Complexity and Courage delivered by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University Executive Education; and The Voice of Leadership: Inspiration, Influence and Impact delivered by the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications

The two courses offer face-to-face, on-line and project-based learning modules spanning a five-month period.

Tuition: 5900 USD

Adaptive Leadership for Africa:
Chaos, Complexity and Courage

Face to face: Mar 11-14, 2018 and Jun 11-12, 2018
Online modules and peer engagement: Mar 2018- Jun 2018

The Voice of Leadership:
Inspiration, Influence and Impact

Face to face Mar 15-16, 2018 and Jun 13, 2018
Online modules and peer engagement: Mar 2018- Jun 2018

Specialist Public Sector Communications Course

Date:                    Monday 27 February – Friday 03 March 2017 Price:                    $950 per participant COURSE SUMMARY Public sector communication is in a class of its own. It’s not like corporate, financial or retail public relations, and it’s not marketing. We are not trying to get people to […]

Driving Business Success Through Social Intelligence and ROI Measurement

Date:                     December 5 and 6, 2016 Price:                    $750 per participant Limit:                    10 Facilitator:           Noah Miller and Mark Kaigwa Social media, once thought to be a raging fad, is clearly here to stay. And corporations have accepted that, plunging headlong into the social space in an […]

Handling a Communications Crisis: Plan, Prepare, Execute

Date:                     October 11, 2016 Price:                    $600 Limit:                    10 Facilitator:           Noah Miller and Special Guest TBD In this age of instant crises, every business and non-profit must communicate effectively when something unexpected goes wrong. That means communicating messages that are factual and clear, presented quickly and calmly to the right audiences with the right tools at […]

Reporting for Accuracy in the Digital Age

Technology may evolve, and the tools may change, but one thing remains the same: Re-porting is still the most important skill in a journalist’s arsenal. Knitting together facts, and context in ways that produce accurate, fair stories is still the best way to win the respect and loyalty of your audience in the Digital Age. […]

Reporting Across Platforms

Learn to write across platforms with use of photos, info-graphics and videos. Join Stephen Buckley in this two day course and learn how to tell your story in print, traditional websites, via social media and on mobile. The course emphasises hands-on training while teaching skills you need, and the execution of these skills in a […]

Photojournalism that Makes a Difference

Photos move faster than ever, and can have worldwide impact within moments. Photographic storytelling remains a powerful force across media – newspapers, magazines, and the Web. No longer the domain of professionals in the mainstream media, photojournalism is now open to anyone with a camera and the passion to make a difference. In this three-day […]

Basics of Specialised Reporting

Specialised reporting still forms the bedrock of great journalism. Today’s best reporters remain those who possess in-depth knowledge of specific issues, organizations, agencies, and regions. They use that knowledge to craft accessible, authoritative stories that impact their communities and society for good. Their work informs, influences and illuminates. Join Stephen Buckley, former Washington Post Africa […]

Multi-Platform Journalism

The reality today is that all journalism is multi-media journalism. As a television journalist your ability to report and write for a host of equally important but distinct audiences – on TV, the web, mobile, and social media has never been more important. In this two-day course run by award winning BBC producer Tira Shubart, […]

Advanced TV Skills

In a hypercompetitive, ever-evolving world of television news, good journalists recognise that they must keep growing. They want to constantly broaden their vision, deepen their knowledge, and sharpen their skills.. Join Tira Shubart, an award-winning BBC producer and veteran trainer with more than 15 years experience in Africa. This course will refine your research skills, […]

Storytelling Skills for TV

The Digital Age of television news puts a premium on powerful writing that connects with the audience. Viewers are thirsty for stories that illuminate complex issues, draw attention to hidden injustices, and spotlight the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. In this two-day course, you will learn how to craft stories about people from all walks […]

Sharpening Your TV Skills

Covering television news has never been more demanding – or more exciting. Join award winning BBC Producer Tira Shubart for a two-day course on how to turn breaking news, diary items, and features into powerful stories that inform, engage, and move viewers. This course is for working journalists keen to become better at engaging with […]

The Art of the Interview

The Interview is arguably the most efficient and effective method of discovering facts and context, forming the heart of a great story. Interviewing remains a bedrock skill for reporters. This one-day course is designed to prepare participants for interviews in all kinds of situations – the quick breaking news interview; the lengthy, evocative interview for […]

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation

Additional Information

Under development.
Further information will be shared as it becomes available.

Advanced Sub-editing & News Editing Skills

In the rapidly changing media world, exceptional news editing and sub-editing skills set a product apart. The pace of news and the public’s appetite for more and better quality information means news editors and sub-editors must work quickly and adroitly to craft raw copy into engaging, accurate and impactful stories. GSMC offers this course, led […]

Story-telling with impact: News that drives the news

Great reporting stands out in a class of its own, delivering real understanding through a narrative rich with drama and personality. Yet uncovering the facts and getting a story right, against a backdrop of advanced technology, official sensitivity, and intense legal scrutiny, requires extensive research and validation. To stand out from the crowd, to break […]

Sharp-shooting on a shoestring: Making news with a smartphone

The explosive growth of smartphones is altering the way news is reported and consumed. Now, media professionals and social media acolytes are producing and delivering high-quality news content on the go. Smartphones are capable of shooting extraordinary high definition video. They can act as a basic editing suite, enabling an individual to apply professional-looking finishes […]

Oil, minerals and wealth: Reporting on the extractives industry

For decades, Africa’s growth has been driven by oil and natural resources. An entire continent has been transformed into a playground for competing geopolitical interests — seldom to the benefit of its own people. East Africa has so far been exempt from this so-called ‘resource curse.’ But for how long? Enormous reserves of oil, natural […]

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